If you have a backyard deck or patio, take advantage of the space for additional storage. These ideas for patio storage help you make the best use of the area. You might keep lawn tools, the garden hose, and pool and spa chemicals in these outdoor locations. Here are some useful ideas for patio storage.

Use a Patio Table That Doubles as a Cooler

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, purchase a coffee table that doubles as a beverage cooler. There are patio tables with tops that slide to the side to reveal a space to store and chill drinks. Other table/coolers have hinges on the tabletop to provide access to beverages.

Outdoor Cubbies

Square cubbies provide convenient storage and keep items organized. Labeling each compartment will help family members remember where things belong.

Build a Potting Bench for Patio Storage

If you enjoy gardening, you’ll need a place to keep tools and supplies. A potting bench is a perfect solution that features a workspace for re-potting plants and will have cabinets or shelves below. If you have a water source nearby, install a sink on the work table. Store garden tools, planters, potting soil, and fertilizer on the shelves and within easy reach.

Use a Serving Cart

A wheeled cart is perfect for keeping things organized on the patio. Use a cart when you’re barbequing to function as a work area, serving stand, and storage space for barbequing spices and utensils. You can also use a wheeled cart to serve drinks to guests. It can act as a mini-bar with liquors on top and glasses and mixers stored on a lower shelf.

Patio Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman provides comfortable seating, storage, and when the cushion is flipped, it functions as an end table. Purchase an ottoman designed for outdoor use. Store blankets, books, or magazines there for easy access when you’re enjoying the patio.

Outdoor Bench

A well-designed bench can double as storage and a stylish piece of furniture. Some benches have hinged lids that open to hold the garden hose, lawn games, or gardening tools. Attractive patio furniture also adds to the design of your outdoor living spaces.

Purchase a Deck Box for Patio Storage

Storage boxes that are designed for outdoor use are available online and at your local home improvement store. Some deck boxes are plastic and built to be weatherproof. You may also find varieties that are wooden or wicker. A deck box is a great solution for storing things you need to have on hand while enjoying the outdoors. Keep pet toys and accessories, children’s yard toys, or bags of charcoal for the grill in a storage box on the patio.

Patio storage includes useful and attractive ideas to keep your belongings within reach. You can boost safety on the deck, porch, or patio by keeping the area clutter-free with one of these storage options.

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