Your backyard deck is the ideal place for your pets and kids to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and warmer weather. The security of your loved ones is a primary concern, and you want to keep your children and pets safe. May is National Deck Safety Month and a great time to follow this advice for improving the safety of your deck.

Improving the Safety of Your Deck

Your friends, children, and pets all enjoy spending time on your deck. As relaxing as it is, injuries can occur. These tips for improving the safety of your deck protect your loved ones when they are outside enjoying the space.

1. Repair Damaged Railings to Improve Safety

If your deck is elevated more than a few inches above the ground, it should have a railing to keep people from falling and getting hurt. Railings weaken over time and no longer provide the security they once did.

Periodically test the railings by applying weight to all sections and pushing on the balusters. If any part is loose, structural integrity is impaired. This type of issue should be addressed as soon as possible for improving the safety of your deck.

2. Replace Weak or Damaged Boards

Any part of the wooden decking can become damaged and pose a safety risk to children, pets, and even adults. Weak boards can no longer support the weight of a person or animal. Splintering boards could result in cuts. Warped boards may be tripping hazards.

If you notice a piece of decking that is no longer smooth, strong, and level, it should be replaced. Maximize the lifetime of your wooden deck by sanding, staining, and applying sealant annually.

3. For Improving the Safety of Your Deck, Keep it Well-Lit

Improving the safety of your deck includes having ample lighting. Many of us spend evenings outdoors with family during the summer months, however, shadows at dusk result in reduced visibility which increases the chance of falls or injuries. Install lighting throughout the area and on the stairs so the entire deck is well-illuminated.

4. Be Aware of Hazards on the Deck

To improve safety, extend your childproofing efforts at home to your deck. Sharp items and chemicals should not be stored on the deck. When improving the safety of your deck, secure electrical cords. Children and pets should not be allowed to play close to the grill.

Gardening tools, fertilizers, and toxic plants are dangerous and should be kept away from kids and pets. Purchase a locking cabinet to store items like tools, cooking implements used for grilling, and lighter fluid.

When you follow these tips for improving the safety of your deck, you eliminate many potential hazards. By doing so, you and your loved ones can enjoy the deck without worry.

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