With the kids home from school, they may be getting bored and you might be feeling overwhelmed. Take advantage of their endless energy and plan some projects for your children to help with around the house. No matter their age or attention span, there are kid-friendly improvements for your home that will keep them occupied.

Tighten Cabinet Hardware

Over time, drawer knobs and handles become loose. Send your kids on a mission with a screwdriver to find and tighten the cabinet hardware. It’s an easy, fast, and rewarding task that even young children can help with. Teach them that it’s “left to loosen and right to tighten.”

Kid-Friendly Improvements Include Painting a Room

Painting is an easy project to get kids involved with. Adults can move the furniture from the room, spread drop-cloths, and prepare the walls for painting. Teach children how to use a paint roller to spread a thin layer of paint on the walls. For safety, adults should handle any areas that need to be reached with a ladder, but kids can paint the bottom half of a room.

Test the Smoke Alarms

Teach your kids about fire safety and show them how to verify that the smoke detectors throughout the house are working. Warn them of the loud noise before having them press the button to test the devices. Have your child change the batteries if they are dead. If they’re old enough, ask them to set a reminder to test the smoke alarms once a month.

Build a Container Garden

You can garden anywhere there is sunlight, even in small spaces. Create a container garden on the deck or patio and help your children plant herbs and some of their favorite vegetables. Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in pots. Other plants your kids might enjoy include bell peppers, edible flowers, squash, and lettuces. By planting in containers, you can keep the garden near the house and won’t have to pull up weeds. It’s easy and fun for even small children to harvest the produce.

Kid-Friendly Improvements Boost Confidence

Getting the kids involved in home upgrades is beneficial in many ways. You get to spend quality time together, your children will learn new skills, they will feel empowered, and achievements help boost their confidence. As a family, you will accomplish goals together and your child will be better prepared for his or her future as a homeowner.

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