Owning your first home is exciting. You have the freedom to change the house however you want. With this freedom comes responsibility; you are now in charge of maintenance and upkeep. These 9 tools every homeowner needs will help you make basic repairs and upgrades.

Screwdriver Sets: Tools Every Homeowner Needs

One staple in the toolbox is a screwdriver set. It should contain a variety of heads and sizes. Screwdrivers are used for everything from tightening a door knob to furniture assembly.

Claw Hammer

A hammer is often one of the first tools people own. One side is flat for pounding nails and the other notched for extracting them. Choose a claw hammer with a grip for shock reduction that will make it easier to use.

Putty Knife

A putty knife deserves a spot on the list of tools every homeowner needs. It is useful for scraping away dry paint, applying caulk, and filling in holes in drywall.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs Include a Cordless Drill

Drill pilot holes and drive screws easily with a cordless drill set that includes an assortment of bits. Drive bolts into wall studs, cut out a hole for a doorknob, or tighten hinges with this handy device that is one of the tools every homeowner needs.

Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Pliers are multi-use tools. You need them to replace old showerheads, straighten the prongs of power cords, slice wire, and firmly grasp just about anything. A good set includes needle-nose, tongue-and-groove, slip-joint, and side-cutting pliers.

Tape Measure

A lockable, retractable tape measure is a small tool that is essential. It is indispensable when measuring for rugs, window blinds, furniture, or hanging artwork. Have one at hand that is at least 25 feet long.


If you need to hang a mirror, painting, or shelves, a level is a must. Whether you use a basic bubble level or a laser level with a wider reach, you’ll need a level to hang things evenly.

Staple Gun

If you need to secure fabric, re-tack carpet, or install sheets of insulation, you’ll need a staple gun. Manual staple guns are among the tools every homeowner needs because they are generally easier and safer to use than electric staple guns.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

You usually do not need a complete wrench set for everyday repairs, but an adjustable crescent wrench will come in handy. Its jaws can be adjusted for different sizes of nuts and bolts. A self-ratcheting wrench is useful because it does not need to be removed from the bolt when tightening.

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