If you are counting down the weeks until your new baby arrives, you may be using the time to decorate the nursery or to work on babyproofing your home. To make your home safe for a little one, do a walk-through and note areas that should be addressed using the following tips.

Babyproofing Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home

1. Cover Outlets

Babies are naturally curious and will try to explore anything they can access. Small children may stick their fingers and toys into exposed electrical outlets. Cover each outlet in your home by the time your baby can roll over. Packs of outlet covers are inexpensive and available at your local home improvement store.

2. Cabinet Locks

Cabinets often contain items that can be dangerous to an infant. Store paints, chemicals, and household cleaners on high shelves. If you cannot relocate these products, install childproof locks on cabinet doors and drawers.

3. Stairway Gates are Helpful for Babyproofing Your Home

It is a frightening feeling to see your baby near a staircase that isn’t closed off. Install a safety baby gate to block access to the stairs. Gates are also great for closing off other areas of the home where a little one shouldn’t be.

4. Bath Safety

Bath time can be fun for your baby, but it is your job to make sure it is also safe. Until your baby can sit up independently, use a smaller tub to bathe your little one. Install a slip-proof mat in your bathtub to prevent falls. Cover the bathtub faucet with a soft cover so your baby won’t risk hitting their head.

5. Keep Items Out of Reach

Once your curious baby is on the move, they will want to examine most things they see. For this reason, place dangerous and breakable items out of reach and tuck electrical cords away. If your baby were to tug on the television cord, they would be in danger of pulling the appliance over.

6. Mount Shelves and Dressers

Assemble furniture according to the manufacturer’s directions to make certain the pieces are sturdy. Dressers, shelves, and the changing table can be anchored to the walls to prevent the furniture from tipping over when tugged on or climbed. Anti-tip kits are available at a hardware store and can be easily installed with a few basic tools.

7. Babyproofing Doorknobs in Your Home

It won’t be long before your little one is tall enough to reach the doorknobs in your home. Be sure each door has been babyproofed by installing child-safe doorknob covers that prevent a toddler from opening the door.

Preparing for your baby doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Follow these babyproofing tips and you’ll be all set for your new family member!

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