Winter is here; make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. The bathroom is where many homeowners start and end their day. There are plenty of ways to update the bathroom to create an attractive, comfortable, and organized space.

Easy DIY Improvements to Update the Bathroom

1. Replace the Shower Curtain

Upgrade your shower by adding an attractive fabric curtain. Layering the fabric shower curtain with a liner will keep your bathroom dry while providing privacy and warmth while you shower.

2. Update the Bathroom Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is one of the most prominent features, and updating it can change the look of the space. Install a larger mirror to create a focal point, or add a new frame around your existing mirror. A larger mirror reflects more light, creating the illusion of a larger space, and the frame will add a decorative element to the room.

3. Add Houseplants

Plants contribute a calming and tropical feeling to the bathroom, especially during winter. Live houseplants like ferns or snake plants thrive in humid bathrooms. To display the foliage, place them on a plant stand or shelf near a window or beneath a skylight. If you live in a home with pets, choose non-toxic houseplants to keep a curious cat or dog safe.

Ways to Warm the Bathroom

1. Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is a popular and impressive way to keep your bathroom warm during the colder months. This is a worthwhile investment to make your bathroom feel like a cozy retreat. Talk to a professional about the best types of flooring to use over a radiant heating system.

2. Add a Space Heater

On a chilly morning, a space heater is a quick and easy way to warm a small bathroom. Portable heaters can efficiently heat a space without turning up your home’s thermostat. Use the heater while getting dressed, and remember to turn it off before leaving for work. For safety, choose an appliance that powers off if tipped over and plug it into a GFCI outlet.

3. Install a Heated Towel Rack

Beyond the luxury of stepping out of a shower to a toasty towel, these fixtures offer practical benefits. Heated towel racks warm the entire bathroom space, eliminating the shock of cold floors and offering a comfortable space for getting ready for work. A heated towel bar contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the reliance on the central heating system. It’s a simple yet effective upgrade that elevates your bathroom’s ambiance and functionality.

Update the Bathroom with Better Organization

1. Use Wall Space

No matter the size of the room, a key to effective organization is using available wall space. Install floating shelves or vertical storage units to keep towels, toiletries, and other items that clutter the countertops within each reach.

2. Invest in Storage Containers

Tackle cluttered cabinets and drawers with storage containers. Choose clear plastic containers with lids that stack well. Use them to organize bathroom essentials, such as hair products, makeup, and cleaning supplies. Transparent containers offer a clear view of items so you can find what you need.

3. Install Hooks to Update the Bathroom

Hooks are a simple way to organize your bathroom. Install hooks on the back of the door to hang a towel or robe and inside the cabinet to store jewelry. Install hooks near the shower to hold bath sponges, razors, and toiletry bags.

Your bathroom can feel cozy, refreshing, and organized during winter. With these inspiring tips, transform the room into a warm and inviting retreat. There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to update your bathroom.

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