Trees are an important part of our environment and add to a home’s curb appeal. They also help to clean the air, provide shade, and some are even a source of food. But they do require care in order to stay healthy. Here are some tree maintenance tips to follow.

1) Keep Your Tree Watered

All trees need water to grow, especially newly planted ones. Check the soil around your saplings regularly to make sure it is moist, but not flooded or too dry. If you want a tree that can survive long periods without water, plant a species that is drought-tolerant and right for your local climate.

2) Tree Maintenance May Mean Pruning

Trimming injured or damaged branches helps prevent diseases and pests from affecting the tree. As a tree gets larger, overgrown branches can be dangerous for your home during severe storms and high winds.

3) Mulching Protects Young Trees

Mulching is an important part of tree maintenance as it can prevent roots from overheating in the summer and freezing during winter. Add a two to three-inch layer of organic material as mulch, keeping it 12” away from the trunk.

4) Fertilize

New trees need to be fertilized regularly while mature trees may only need fertilizer every few years. For new trees, use a slow-release fertilizer, which provides nutrients to roots for an extended period of time. Fertilizing too much or fertilizing in the wrong season can burn the roots and foliage, affecting the health of the tree.

5) Tree Maintenance: Protect the Bark

Protect the trunks from insects, animals, lawnmowers, and weed whackers. Tree wrap is available for this purpose. Use it to protect the bark from damage and from harsh weather conditions.

6) Test Your Soil

It’s important to test your soil periodically for nutrient levels. Soil tests help you determine what nutrients are needed and if the pH of the soil is too high or low, which may cause root problems.

7) Spray for Pests

Keep trunks and branches free of pests by using a pesticide approved for use on the type of tree that you have.

8) Watch for Diseases for Tree Maintenance

Some diseases and pests can be prevented by planting your tree in the right conditions. A healthy tree with a strong root system is better able to fight off problems that may arise. If your tree does contract a disease, immediately look for a professional to help.

Maintenance is essential if you want the trees on your property to remain healthy. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and shade for years to come.

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