Keep cool and comfortable during the summer by spending time in the pool. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool at your home, follow through with frequent maintenance to keep it clean and functional. Besides being fun, swimming is an exercise that burns calories and builds muscles without straining your joints. Follow these pool maintenance tips to keep the pool clean, healthy, and ready to enjoy.

Frequently Clean the Pool

Create a weekly routine for cleaning the pool to make sure every area is attended to. A pool that gets frequent use will need more regular attention. If your family doesn’t use the pool often, install a cover to keep the water clean between uses. 

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Pay Attention to the Water Level

During the summer, the pool will lose water due to evaporation. Using the pool also leads to water loss due to splashing, swimming, and exiting the pool. Pay attention to the water level and maintain it at the height of the skimmer. Low water levels cause stress and damage the pump. When you notice the water is low, use a garden hose to fill it.

Test the Water

Occasionally test the water to ensure it is clean, has a balanced pH, and is healthy. The water should be neutral, not too acidic or too alkaline. Use a testing kit to monitor the pH levels. Depending on the test-strip result, you can determine which chemicals to add to the water and what concentration.

Clean the Filters as Part of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Cleaning the pool filters improves functionality and durability. Pool filters come in three types; diatomaceous earth, cartridge, and sand. Each type of filter has a different maintenance procedure. To keep the water sparkling clean, learn how to clean your pool’s filter properly. A clean filter is more efficient and traps more particles.

Monitor the Water Chemistry

Though often ignored, monitoring the water chemistry is essential for pool maintenance. When the water chemistry is imbalanced, the water could be corrosive, causing damage to the pool bathers, surfaces, and other equipment. Test your water at least twice a week, and make adjustments as needed.

Vacuum to Remove Dirt and Debris

Pools collect leaves, dirt, and debris. Taking time to vacuum goes a long way to keeping the pool dirt-free and hygienic. Vacuuming removes debris and algae in the pool and on the walls. Vacuum weekly and brush the swimming pool walls and floors as you work. Use a net to remove leaves and debris from the water’s surface.

Keeping your swimming pool water sparkling doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. Routine care using these pool maintenance tips will help keep the swimming pool in good condition.

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