With the holidays finally over, it’s time to take down the decorations. This task may seem simple enough, but accidents can still happen. Here are 3 tips for removing holiday decorations so you can get your new year off to a safe start.

Removing Holiday Decorations with a Ladder

The most precarious part of holiday decorating is climbing a ladder. If you don’t have the ladder set up properly or aren’t wearing proper footwear, you might fall and get injured. Set the ladder up at a 75-degree angle when removing holiday decorations. Wear closed-toed, rubber-soled shoes so you won’t slip.

Unplug the string lights before you begin removing them. Keep an eye out for broken bulbs and frayed cords, and discard the lights after taking them down if they are damaged. Lastly, always have someone at home while you are on a ladder removing lights. Ideally, he or she can help steady the ladder and wrap up the strings of lights as you’re taking them down.

Taking Down the Holiday Tree

Most people are ready to take down their holiday tree in the first week of January. In fact, it is dangerous to leave a live tree up for too long because it dries out and becomes a fire hazard.

When taking down the tree, remove all the decorations first, discarding broken strands of lights, broken glass decorations, and edible ornaments like candy canes. When carrying the tree out of the house, clear all small children and pets from the area and move furniture to create a wide path.

Remove All Food Items Before Putting Decorations in Storage

Sometimes people put their holiday decorations containing candy or other edible items back into storage with non-food items. Be careful not to store candy canes or other sweets in your attic or basement because they can attract pests.

An infestation of bugs or rodents is unhealthy, and pests like mice can even cause dangerous electrical problems by chewing through wires. Prevent this problem by carefully checking all of your decorations to make sure they don’t contain anything edible before storing them away for the year.

Removing holiday decorations is less fun and exciting than setting them up, but it is just as important to use caution. You don’t want to start the new year with a ladder accident, holiday tree fire, or a pest infestation.

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