Your home has an impact on your family’s health. If you have problems like high radon levels or mold, you are more likely to get sick. Alternatively, keeping the house clean and having space to exercise boosts health. Here are 5 ways to promote wellness at home.

Test the House for Radon

Radon is a threat in the home that goes undetected without a professional test. It has no taste, smell, or color and does not cause immediate symptoms. Because of this, people live with high levels of radon for years and some develop lung cancer.

The only way to know if you have high levels of radon in your home is with a test. Have a professional test your home to get the most accurate results. User error and faulty DIY test kits can skew the readings.

Prevent Mold to Promote Wellness at Home

Mold in the home can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Not only is it dangerous for your health, but it can also damage the components of your home. The key to preventing mold is keeping the house dry. Fix leaks, manage humidity levels, and don’t leave wet clothes laying around. If mold has already started to grow, have a mold professional assess the best steps to remove it.

Keep Pests Away

Pests are destructive in your home and may even cause fire hazards by chewing through electrical wires. Seal up holes and gaps in your home that allow pests inside. Animals and insects are always looking for a food source, so keep the kitchen clean. Wash dishes right away and take the trash out frequently. The smallest crumbs will attract rodents and insects into your home.

Sanitize Surfaces to Promote Wellness at Home

Germs spread on shared surfaces, especially those that are frequently touched. Everyone touches doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls without a second thought. Germs often build up in these areas and are passed around to family members. Use an antimicrobial wipe or spray to sanitize these surfaces often and prevent illness.

Encourage Exercise

You don’t need a complete home gym to promote exercise at home. A small area with a yoga mat, dumbbells, and foam roller may be all you need to encourage the family to work out. Consider streaming free workout videos to find a good fit. There are also many paid options you can choose from that offer thousands of unique workouts direct to your TV or mobile device. It’s easier than ever to make a home workout area, even without a lot of space.

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