A home inspection is often completed when a home is under contract with a prospective buyer. A professional home inspector is likely to find deficiencies of some kind, small or large. This is why it is important for sellers to consider having a pre-listing home inspection done before their home is on the market. There are many benefits to this inspection, including saving the seller time and money during the process of selling their home.

The Seller’s Disclosure

It is important to be aware of any issues in your home so that you can note them on the seller’s disclosure that you’ll fill out when listing. A pre-listing home inspection will inform you of issues that may come up in the buyer’s inspection later. A detailed seller’s disclosure protects the seller and reduces buyer requests.

Use the Pre-Listing Inspection to Market the Property

Having a pre-listing home inspection can make the property more desirable to buyers. Once the inspection is complete, it can be shared with prospective buyers when they view the home. This is a great way to prove the home’s condition. It also shows that the seller is transparent and lets the buyers learn about the home in detail before placing an offer.

Protecting the Asking Price

It is important to uncover any issues that affect the value of a home before it is put on the market. A pre-listing home inspection is a great way to do this. By fixing issues that could affect a home’s value before putting it on the market, a seller is able to protect their asking price and potentially increase the home’s value. If issues arise that the seller does not want to fix, this can be reflected in the sale price and disclosed to the seller up front so they don’t try to negotiate a better deal.

Avoid Being Blindsided

Knowledge is power, and it is helpful for a seller to know the details of their home before the buyer has an inspection done. When the seller knows what will come up in the buyer’s inspection, there should be few surprises or roadblocks to affect the deal before closing.

DIY Repairs

Many sellers may prefer to make small fixes themselves rather than hire a professional. A pre-listing home inspection report outlines any problems and gives the seller a chance to make their own repairs on minor issues. If they wait for the buyer’s inspection, the seller may end up paying for the same repairs to be made by a professional.

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