Do you want to repaint your house walls, ceiling, or trim, but aren’t sure how? Don’t stress! Here are the top 5 ways to paint like a pro.

Wait for the Right Weather to Paint Like a Pro

Do not paint while the humidity is too high or if it is raining. The drier the weather, the easier it will be to apply paint to walls. You don’t want your paint to drip or dry too slowly and will risk ending up with a low-quality paint job by doing it in poor weather. Check the weather forecast and pick a sunny, dry day for your project.

Prepare the Walls for the Paint Job

Don’t just open a can of paint and start painting your walls. Inspect all of your walls and baseboards to be sure any blemishes are patched up with spackling and sanded down. Fill all nail holes. You can also find wall patches to repair any holes in your walls. Once you’ve made all the walls smooth, it’s time to prepare the room for the paint job.

Remove Outlet Cover and Light Switch Plates

Complete this quick step instead of painting around your outlet covers and light switch plates. When you remove the cover plates, you will have less to tape off and will end up with a cleaner looking paint job.

Protect Everything in the Room

Cover furniture, upholstery, side tables, lamps, and whatever else is inside the room you are painting. Use large tarps or big plastic coverings to securely cover everything so the paint does not end up on your belongings. Paint is hard to remove from furniture and the carpet.

If you have the option, move everything out of the room so all you have to do is worry about protecting the floor with newspapers or tarps.

Should you decide to paint any of your doors, cover the doorknobs with a small plastic sandwich bag and a large rubber band to reinforce it so it does not move around as you go in and out of the room.

Paint Like a Pro from Top to Bottom

Paint your walls from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling, let it dry, then paint from the left of the room to the right going from top to bottom. Painting in alternating “W” movements helps to blend the paint better on the wall without showing roller marks.

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