Many homeowners don’t think about household safety until there’s an emergency, but it’s essential to make sure your house is as safe and secure as possible. Here are a few home safety essentials to help you protect your family from harm and your property from damage.

Home Safety Essentials: Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are necessary in every home. Place them strategically throughout the house: near the kitchen, in the laundry room, and by the fireplace. Check the devices regularly to verify they are charged and in proper working condition. Learn how to use the fire extinguisher, so you’re prepared for an emergency.

Smoke Detectors

Place smoke detectors in every bedroom, the hallway outside sleeping areas, and near the kitchen and laundry room. Test the devices monthly to verify they are working, and replace the batteries as needed.

Keep a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

A first aid kit will be useful in case of minor injuries. Make sure it includes basics such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, medical tape, and over-the-counter medication. Store the kit in an easily accessible location and keep it well-stocked, replacing items and materials as they expire or as you run out.

Flashlights are Home Safety Essentials

If your power goes out, a flashlight will keep you safer in the dark. Have flashlights for each member of your family in an easy-to-access location, and keep extra batteries on hand.

Make an Emergency Plan

If there’s ever an emergency or natural disaster, it’s helpful to have a plan in place. Designate a meeting place outside of the home so everyone knows where to go if they need to evacuate. Talk with your family about what to do in an emergency, and practice an escape route in case of fire.

Deadbolts are Home Safety Essentials

Deadbolts on the doors are an easy way to protect your home from intruders. Install heavy-duty deadbolts that are sturdy enough to keep burglars out. Keep track of who has keys to your home and change the locks if keys go missing.

Safe Storage for Chemicals

Chemicals like bleach, pesticides, and paint can be dangerous if not properly stored. Keep these items locked in a secure location and out of reach of children and pets. Read the label on any chemical container before storing it, and follow the safety instructions listed.

Security System

A security system offers peace of mind when you’re not home. Choose a system that includes motion-activated lights, WiFi-enabled cameras, and window and door alarms for the best protection.

These are a few essential home safety items to secure your house. Be prepared for any emergency so you can keep your family safe no matter the situation.

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