When purchasing a property or building your own home from the ground up, a home inspection helps uncover potential problems with the house. Building your own home takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Since building a home is a multi-faceted project, mistakes can be made. Having your new home inspected is an important step in the construction process. Here are four benefits of ordering a home inspection on new construction.

1. Building Codes Don’t Cover Everything

When you build a home, a municipal building inspector will check that it’s in compliance and up to code, and meets basic, minimum standards. While this is important, it isn’t the same as a full home inspection. A third-party home inspector will inspect and report on an in-depth list of components and features throughout the home.

2. Home Inspection on New Construction is Useful During Multiple Stages

Another benefit of conducting a home inspection on new construction is that inspections can be performed during different phases of the process. The inspector can review components that won’t be visible once construction is completed. For example, an inspector can inspect your home before drywall is installed to assess the wiring and plumbing.

3. Home Inspectors Perform a Thorough Inspection

When a building code official comes to take a look at your newly built home, they don’t have a lot of time allocated for the inspection. A professional home inspector sets aside the time to thoroughly inspect every system in the house. Even in a newly built house, shoddy materials may have been used or perhaps the contracted labor wasn’t up to par. When you order a home inspection on new construction, you’ll know of any defects before move-in day.

4. Get an Inspection on New Construction Before Warranties Expire

Upon completion of construction, the builder typically provides a warranty that covers the first 12 months of living in the home. After this time, anything that goes wrong becomes your financial responsibility. Having a home inspection on new construction gives you an opportunity to discover issues early, either before you move in or while your warranty is still valid.

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