Home inspectors are always on the lookout for tools that make their work more effective. Drones are the latest technology for home inspections. They give home inspectors access to hard-to-reach areas. Let’s look at the benefits of drones in home inspections.

The Benefits of Drones in Home Inspections

The roof is an important part of any home. It protects the building from water, snow, and the heat of the sun. The roof is also an expensive part of the home. Repairing or replacing a roof could cost several thousand dollars.

Drones in home inspections allow inspectors to see problems on the roof from multiple angles. This is especially important when the roof is hard to access or is in poor condition. It makes it possible to do a detailed inspection, no matter how high, slanted, or unsafe the roof is.

Drones come with high-resolution cameras, making it possible to see hard-to-access areas of the roof in extreme detail. The inspector can hover and zoom to give problem areas a detailed examination. It gives the inspector more information than would otherwise be available.

The inspector can also take aerial pictures of the entire property. This adds important information to the inspection report.

The Limitations of Not Using a Drone

Some home inspectors don’t use drones in home inspections. They inspect the roof visually, whether they can walk on it or not. Unfortunately, this may mean the property doesn’t get a thorough inspection.

Complicated roof structures often have multiple angles, which can be difficult to traverse on foot. That means the inspector will do the inspection from a distance, using binoculars. This doesn’t give enough information for the inspector to evaluate the roof.

Some roofs are inaccessible without proper safety equipment, like roofs with extreme slants or those in a dilapidated condition. An inspector may not even get on the roof out of safety concerns. That means the inspection report won’t be complete.

If you are having a home inspection done, look for an inspector who uses drones in home inspections. Getting up on the roof is one way to perform a thorough inspection. However, drones add critical information to the report. It could mean the difference between having the seller to pay for repairs or finding out about roof damage after it’s too late.

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